Blue Fusion: Data Access on Demand Technology enabling Edge Analytics

We want to . . .


Save valuable time for your analysts while getting to conclusions and operational decisions faster.

Our patented and award winning technology was specifically developed with i2 users in mind.

The average analyst spends 80% of their time researching, collecting, cleaning, consolidating, and loading data into a platform like i2 ANB for analysis, leaving little time to efficiently support investigations.

Research shows the average analyst leverages six data sources per piece of information and spends at least five minutes in each data source. With an average of 10-30 pieces of information exploited every day, analysts are spending five to 15 hours of their workday, data shopping.

Blue Fusion Saves You Valuable Time and Money.

With Blue Fusion You Can . . .

  • Create your most efficient workflow while gathering operational intelligence - faster!

    Save vast amounts of time and effort obtaining and visualizing pertinent information faster than ever before.

  • Automate building your charts - it’s like hiring a virtual analyst which operates 24/7!

    Blue Fusion will alert you and your work group when new information relative to your
    structured search across all of your connected data sources is available

  • Empower the agents and detectives you work with!

    Now sworn officers can easily query all relevant sources through one interface from the
    field no matter the location, time, or day

Blue Fusion is accessed by either an Analyst’s Notebook plugin or a secure web browser. No matter how you use it, our innovative technology provides a NO-code, simultaneous query across multiple data sources. Accelerate your cases by leveraging Blue Fusion today.

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