Meet Our Team

Bruce Parkman

Bruce Parkman is the Founder/Strategic Growth Development Officer at Blue Fusion, a trailblazing force in intelligence analysis solutions.

With a storied military career spanning over two decades, including distinguished service as a Green Beret, Bruce brings unparalleled expertise to the table. His journey from the front lines to entrepreneurship reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Bruce founded Blue Light in 2014, driven by a mission to revolutionize the i2 Analyst community. Recognized for industry-leading solutions, Blue Light empowered analysts to combat today’s most pressing threats with cutting-edge technologies. In 2018, alongside his team, Bruce introduced Blue Fusion, a patented middleware that revolutionizes data connectivity and search capabilities.

His pioneering work extends beyond business, with notable contributions to school safety initiatives and veteran entrepreneurship. A respected thought leader, Bruce has shared his insights at global summits and conferences, authored impactful white papers, and appeared on major news networks. A distinguished graduate of Methodist College and Webster University, Bruce is also dedicated to serving his community as a founding Director of the Green Beret Foundation and Chairman of the Board for the Global Special Operations Forces Foundation. With bagpipes in hand, Bruce continues to lead Blue Fusion with boundless passion and vision.

Rick Sterrett

Rick Sterrett is a dynamic leader and seasoned C-suite executive, bringing over three decades of unparalleled expertise in technology management, sales, and development to his role as CEO of Blue Fusion.

Rick’s journey began with IBM, where he honed his skills before embarking on a series of entrepreneurial ventures. With a track record of success in both commercial and federal sectors, Rick has led multiple start-ups to lucrative exits, solidifying his reputation as a visionary in the industry. Armed with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rick combines technical acumen with strategic insight to drive innovation and growth.

As a forward-thinking leader, Rick is committed to propelling Blue Fusion to new heights, revolutionizing the landscape of intelligence analysis with cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled expertise. With Rick at the helm, Blue Fusion is poised for continued success and industry leadership.

Ed Boggess

Meet Ed Boggess, the powerhouse driving our operations as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Blue Fusion. With over nine years of dedicated service to our company, Ed’s journey is one of unwavering commitment and exceptional leadership.

Before joining Blue Fusion, Ed spent 26 distinguished years in the United States Army, serving in various roles, including Special Forces Engineer and Intelligence Sergeant. His extensive military career saw him deployed to multiple countries, including combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Republic of the Philippines, where he played a pivotal role in demining operations and disaster relief efforts.

Ed’s expertise extends beyond the battlefield. Since 2001, he has been a long-time user of intelligence analysis software systems, leveraging his skills to map out relationships and support critical missions, from combating terrorism to aiding disaster response efforts.

At Blue Fusion, Ed’s wealth of experience and dedication to excellence drive our operational success. His leadership ensures that we continue to innovate and deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients, empowering them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Join us in celebrating Ed’s remarkable journey and invaluable contributions to our team.

Marcos Cejudo

Marcos Cejudo spearheads Blue Fusion’s technological endeavors as our esteemed Chief Technology Officer. Armed with a computer science degree and nearly a decade of hands-on experience, in data analysis, Marcos has successfully consulted and delivered cutting-edge analytical solutions to a diverse array of clients, ranging from small law enforcement agencies to tech giants like Twitter and IBM, as well as esteemed government entities such as USSOCOM. With an unwavering commitment to user-centric design, Marcos champions the belief that data analysis tools should be as intuitive as they are powerful. His mission is clear: to craft applications that empower users of all levels to navigate complex data landscapes with ease.
Having witnessed numerous attempts to address the perennial “data problem,” Marcos brings a wealth of insights to the table. Rejecting conventional approaches reliant on cumbersome ETL technologies, Marcos’s innovative vision has led to the development of Blue Fusion’s patented solution. With a fervent dedication to democratizing data access, Marcos envisions a future where every individual, from law enforcement officers to data analysts, can harness the full potential of data analytics to combat crime and enhance operational efficiency.

Dallas Knight

Meet Dallas Knight, a force to be reckoned with and our Executive Vice President at Blue Fusion Technologies. From her early days as an Army combat veteran at just 19, Dallas has demonstrated unwavering courage and resilience, seamlessly transitioning to civilian life and excelling as an Intelligence Analyst at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

During her tenure, Dallas was exclusively appointed to the DEA, where she spent nearly a decade disrupting narcotic operations and dismantling criminal syndicates. Her exceptional contributions earned her recognition and respect within the law enforcement community.

Transitioning to the corporate realm, Dallas brought her wealth of experience and passion for justice to Blue Fusion Technologies. As a key executive, she played a pivotal role in the creation of our flagship, patented technology, driving innovation and excellence at every turn.

But Dallas’s impact extends far beyond the boardroom. She is a dedicated advocate for justice and a beacon of hope for survivors of human trafficking. Through her collaboration with the non-profit organization Skull Games, Dallas actively pursues traffickers and mentors’ survivors turned analysts, empowering them to reclaim their lives and seek justice.

In addition to her corporate and philanthropic endeavors, Dallas is a published author, sharing her powerful story in ‘Shattered Reflections,’ a memoir that offers a raw and unfiltered look at her military service and the journey that followed. She also hosts the ‘(not so) Average Jane’ podcast, providing a platform for female combat veterans to share their experiences and find healing together.

Most recently, Dallas is spearheading a transformative retreat for female combat veterans through her venture, (not so) Average Jane LLC. This retreat, set to commence in June 2025, will provide a safe and nurturing space for healing, growth, and connection, empowering veterans to embrace their journeys and find strength in community. Join us in celebrating Dallas’s remarkable achievements and her unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Gary Whitehead

Meet Gary Whitehead, the driving force behind our Training and Education team at Blue Fusion. With a career spanning 22 years in Military Intelligence and stints at IBM, Lockheed Martin and i2 Inc., Gary brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. Starting as a Senior Instructor, he quickly became Director of Training before assuming the VP position, a testament to his unwavering passion for education.

Gary’s journey is one of dedication and innovation. From instructing IBM’s first veterans initiative course to his current role at Blue Fusion, he has continuously pushed boundaries to shape the future of intelligence analysis. With a degree in Intelligence Collection and a minor in mathematics from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and extensive training from the National Security Agency (NSA), Gary is uniquely positioned to lead our team to new heights.

With Gary’s help, our organization has become a trailblazer in analytical software, empowering the intelligence and analyst community with cutting-edge tools and resources. Join us in celebrating Gary’s commitment to excellence and his relentless drive to elevate our industry’s training and education standards.

Blue Fusion is an innovative intelligence analysis platform forged from the collective expertise of seasoned professionals with over 100 years of combined military, law enforcement, and intelligence operations and analysis experience.

Our platform is meticulously crafted by analysts for analysts, reflecting a deep understanding of the intricate challenges faced in the field.

We are dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of intelligence professionals worldwide. With Blue Fusion, organizations gain unparalleled access to advanced analytical tools and technology, empowering them to extract actionable insights from complex data sets with precision and efficiency.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to continuously enhance our platform, ensuring that our clients stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape of intelligence analysis.