We've revolutionized data connectivity, analysis & visualization, pioneering a brand-new category: Data Access on Demand.

Blue Fusion addresses the limitations of legacy ETL systems to deliver real-time operational intelligence faster and more efficiently.

Designed to address key challenges in crime prevention and investigations: replacing the Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process found in today's intelligence analysis platforms.

Drawing from over a century of intelligence-related analytical collaboration and service to various sectors, including intelligence, law enforcement, government, and commercial industries, we've crafted our award-winning technology.

Turning Disparate Data into Actionable Insight and Intelligence - Faster.

Blue Fusion’s powerful Data Access on Demand interface seamlessly connects any disparate data source or technology.

By seamlessly connecting disparate data sources and streamlining the analysis and intelligence gathering process, Blue Fusion empowers professionals across diverse fields to harness the full potential of their data, leading to more effective strategies, enhanced security measures, and improved overall performance.

Data Agnostic

Blue Fusion easily connects directly to internal or external data sources revealing nonobvious relationships. Integrations include connections to various SQL and API sources such as RMS systems, OSINT, Social Media, Deep/Dark Web and many more.

Infrastructure Agnostic

Blue Fusion software easily installs in any server environment and connects to any data repository. No more costly integrations requiring large migrations of data. Blue Fusion creates enterprise-wide, scalable analytical environments in minimal time, with minimal costs, optimizing your IT architecture.

Analytical Tool Agnostic

Our intuitive and powerful visualization platform empowers you to unlock insights seamlessly.

Or, if you prefer, you can continue using older technologies that rely on ETL processes in conjunction with our plug-in. While this can still enhance your workflow to some extent, it comes with limitations compared to the comprehensive capabilities of our standalone Blue Fusion product.

Used by top agencies and governments around the world to develop actionable intelligence and make command decisions faster.

Tie all of your data together in a single glass of pane using our proprietary technology.

Blue Fusion is a versatile and dynamic platform that offers transformative benefits across various sectors. 

Whether you're in law enforcement, government, military, or the commercial sphere, Blue Fusion's innovative approach to data access and analysis enhances operational efficiency, accelerates intelligence gathering, and drives better decision-making.

Discover how Blue Fusion can revolutionize and propel your organization towards greater success.