Data Access on Demand Technology Enabling Edge Analytics

Blue Fusion allows your team to rapidly collect, search, and analyze large volumes of multi-source data to provide live operational intelligence - faster.

Tap into all your pertinent data sources simultaneously with the world’s first no-code, federated query interface with powerful, robust visualization for fast decision-making.

Blue Fusion’s powerful Data Access on Demand interface was built to connect any disparate data source or technology. This enables edge analytics for customers of any size providing access to all data regardless of its location, data type, or data structure.

It’s Your Data, and Your Architecture, They Should Work Together for Analytics.

Data Agnostic

Blue Fusion easily connects directly to internal or external data sources revealing nonobvious relationships. Integrations include connections to various SQL and API sources such as RMS systems, OSINT, Social Media, Deep/Dark Web and many more.

Infrastructure Agnostic

Blue Fusion software easily installs in any server environment and connects to any data repository. No more costly integrations requiring large migrations of data. Blue Fusion creates enterprise-wide, scalable analytical environments in minimal time, with minimal costs, optimizing your IT architecture.

Analytical Tool Agnostic

Visualize your data how you want to. Use our intuitive, robust visualization environment or continue to use older technologies like i2 Analyst's Notebook.

Used by top agencies and governments around the world to develop actionable intelligence and make command decisions faster.

Tie all your data together with our proprietary search technology.

Product Overview

Over 100 years of intelligence-related analytical collaboration and service to the intelligence, law enforcement, government, and commercial communities have led to the development of our groundbreaking technology.

Now the power of Blue Fusion's powerful search UI is combined with powerful, robust data visualization for an intuitive analytic solution.

Blue Fusion Technologies
  • Simultaneously search across an array of multiple data sources

  • Explore networks and find non obvious relationships with access to real time data

  • Set queries to run automatically and receive alerts of new results

  • Easily leverage previously saved queries

  • Operate in a collaborative environment

  • Quickly gather data and push to your preferred analytical platform

a standardized Approach to Customized Solutions

Leverage your investments in mission-critical data sources, visualization, and intelligence platforms to create interoperable data searching analytics.

Federally cleared no-code querying technology that connects directly to data sources providing real-time access and the most efficient workflow for analysis and operational decisions.

Turning Disparate Data into Actionable Insight and Intelligence.