I put out a poll on LinkedIn asking the community asking how many data sources do you leverage on average on any given day?

The results were as I expected…

95% said that they leverage four or more data sources with 41% saying they access 10 or more!  Thats insane!

Not in the way you may think. Like I said, this number didnt surprise me. I believe I had a list that long in 2007. The alarming concern is the amount of time spent data shopping” rather than conducting analysis and supporting investigations. Based on market research and my own calculations, this translates to approximately eight hours a day of data shopping! So when exactly are you doing your analysis?

The bad news is that this number is not going to decrease anytime soon.

The good news is there are a lot of amazing vendors out there that are doing a tremendous job cleaning and consolidating like-minded data while providing it to you in the most user friendly format that they can design.

However, this still presents a problem. Now you’re not just data shopping. You are also data vendor shopping. No one source or vendor will ever be able to provide all the pertinent information required. Layering a variety of data from a number of sources will always provide the best insight in support of investigations. So how do you do this in the most proficient way possible?

There is a solution! Leverage a middleware solution technology that provides a dynamic, visual query that simultaneously hits sources of your choosing while feeding your preferred platform.

No data migration. No information held hostage. Never locked in to a particular platform. And a bonus! Query and access this tech from the office the field! Thus, enabling the entire team, detectives and analysts alike, no mater the location, time or day.

What’s that? You didn’t know that existed? Welcome to the future. Let’s chat.