Our 2024 training, webinar and conference schedule.

Febryar 15th Open Webinar (no cost)

Discover Blue Fusion's Game-Changing Updates: Join Our Webinar on February 15th at 1pm EST

We're thrilled to start the year with transformative updates to Blue Fusion, reinforcing our role as innovators in data analysis and visualization. Join us for an exclusive webinar to delve into these exciting enhancements that are revolutionizing data handling for professionals.

What's New?

1. Social Network Analysis Views: Our latest feature dives deep into complex networks, enabling users to discover hidden connections and key influencers. This tool is invaluable for analyzing social interactions and understanding the dynamics within datasets.

2. Enhanced Visualization: Our new Bar Charts and Histograms transform complex data into clear, compelling visual stories. These tools make it easier than ever to interpret and communicate intricate datasets.

3. Activity Views: Gain richer insights with our enhanced timeline analysis. Users can now view detailed descriptions and durations of events, offering a more nuanced understanding of their data.

4. Advanced Chart Interaction and Customization:

- Seamless Workspace Integration: Effortlessly copy and paste chart items between workspaces to boost your productivity.

- Text-based Chart Searches: Quickly find the data you need with our intuitive text search feature.

- Chart Saving as Images: Easily preserve and share your analytical findings by saving charts as images, ideal for reporting and presentations.

5. Real-time Data Connector Progress . . . and more!

This webinar is a must for data analysts, intelligence professionals, and IT specialists keen on staying ahead in the data analysis field. Our expert team will guide you through these new features, demonstrating how they can revolutionize your data analysis and visualization processes. Don’t miss the chance to participate in a live Q&A session for personalized advice and best practices.

Join us at the forefront of data analysis innovation. Secure your place in our upcoming webinar and embark on a journey to transform your data into actionable intelligence.

February 22nd

Private Training to IACA Members

Register through your IACA membership portal.

February 29th: Leveraging Blue Fusion to perform a keywords analysis across audio files, images, and OCR files.