The Dawn of a New Era in Data Access and Analysis:

Ask ONE question and query multiple data sources simultaneously.

Connect, Query, and Visualize ALL your data faster than ever before with our patented technology.

Blue Fusion reimagines operations by providing rapid and cost-effective enterprise analytics, improving efficiency at a scalable level.

Experience the power of rapid data connectivity to diverse sources, coupled with federated queries and automated analytic workflows.

This winning combination not only slashes valuable time but also optimizes your budget. Our intuitive User Interface, complemented by robust visualizations, ensures a seamless and insightful experience.View our market overview (above) and technology demo (below) to see how our advanced technology can effortlessly improve your data access and analytics, all in a cost-efficient and easily adaptable package.

Directly Tackling Industry Pain Points: Our Journey

We've devised three essential questions to help you evaluate analyst inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your investigations. Join us in this assessment to gain insights into your own operations.

Taking these questions, we conducted a survey among intelligence community analysts. The findings were fascinating: 95% reported using four or more data sources for insights, and 41% accessed ten or more.

Let's average that out to six data sources. Analysts also reported that they spend around five minutes in each data source, with approximately ten pieces of intelligence - every day.

6 (Averaged data sources) x 5 (Minutes spent in each) x 10 (Pieces of intelligence) = 5 HOURS per day an analyst can spend just data shopping. Not working on intelligence but preparing for analysis. 

It is the ETL process, found within other intelligence platforms, that creates these massive inefficiencies, wasting valuable time and resources.

If You Stick with ETL-Driven Systems, You Can Continue to Calculate the Hidden Costs: Time, Money, and Investigations

Too much time spent data shopping.

Too much time checking data quality.

Too much time manually integrating data.

Unnecessary extended case life.

Under leveraged skilled employees.

Discover Our Unique Advantages

Experience unparalleled efficiency and real-time insights.

Allow Blue Fusion to do the "heavy lifting," enabling analysts to gain insights far more efficiently. Free Your Analysts and Investigators to Focus on Protecting Communities and Organizations Worldwide with Blue Fusion, Eliminating the ETL Process.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Data

Blue Fusion provides a direct, and real-time access to your internal and external data sources, never replicating or duplicating.

Simplify and Amplify Technology

Leverage and integrate existing and new solutions while providing an easy, no-code drag-and-drop querying interface.

Empower the Entire Team

No matter the time, day, or location, analysts and field investigators can access and query
Blue Fusion 24/7.

Access Pre-Built Data Connectors

Bring the full power of Blue Fusion to your investigations by combining multiple data sources and feeding our cutting-edge intelligence and visualization platform. Query and visualize all of your data in one single pane.

Seeing is Believing! Watch Our Blue Fusion Technology Demonstration.

Get a front-row seat to the future as we demonstrate how our breakthrough innovation will turbocharge your investigations, empowering teams to produce actionable intelligence with unmatched speed and precision.

Our exclusive data access on demand technology combined with our robust analysis and visualization tool exceeds the competition. Explore how having direct, real-time access to your data sources provide valuable insights for your investigations.

Transforming Data Access & Analytics for a Wide Range of Critical Requirements

Blue Fusions patented technology, with its ability to make disparate data and systems interoperable, has an impact on your predictive analytics. See how Blue Fusion can transform data analytics for a wide range of critical requirements.

We provide a high-quality global solution to help you deliver essential intelligence to your team with greater speed and efficiency.