The Analyst Lives On

Leaving the investigative world for corporate America was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. The fulfillment I received during my day-to-day support of high profile, complex narcotic investigations was like no other. The mission I served was personal, and of importance on a worldwide scale.

I crave puzzle piecing cases together, identifying and exploiting bad guys, and serving my community. Whereas I am now enabling others to do those things more efficiently, it is not the same as being in the fight. So anytime that I have the chance to work alongside my fellow analysts, I jump at the opportunity.

I was cohosting an open webinar, briefing the partnership of technologies coming together to provide a more cohesive solution in the fight against human trafficking. During this project, I had the pleasure of meeting individuals apart of a nonprofit organization with the mission of identifying sex predators, protecting the vulnerable, and interrupting the cycle of abuse for future generations. I practically begged to be a part of this initiative.  After a laugh and open invitation to join the team, I started to prepare to dawn my analyst hat once again.

Skull Games is a task force comprised of mostly intelligence professionals with various levels of experience in the military or law enforcement. Everyone involved is vetted and completes a training program especially designed to better acclimate volunteers to key insights and OSINT best practices. Analysts come together, donating their time and expertise, over the course of 48 hours once a quarter. During that time, we are fed leads containing known human trafficking indicators and are tasked with confirming or denying the assertions while developing intelligence through open-source (OSINT) means. This information is well documented, evaluated, and disseminated to Law Enforcement all over the country for further action.

Organizations donate their technology, resources, and people. The hosting communities provide facilities, support, and nourishments for the analysts. Partnerships continue to grow with Law Enforcement agencies in a joint effort to combat an often unbelievable yet prominent problem in every town across the nation.

It is an honor and privilege to participate, while getting my “fix”, in this operation whilst being fulling supported, and even encouraged, by Blue Light and Blue Fusion Technology. Our next fight is in July in New Jersey, followed by October in New Orleans in conjunction with OSMOSISCON. If you are interested in learning more, volunteering, partnering, or donating, please visit or follow them on all major social media platforms.


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