The Blue Fusion Connector Marketplace

Bring the full power of Blue Fusion to your investigations by combining multiple data sources and feeding the intelligence or visualization platform of your choice. Licenses or subscriptions with the third party vendor may be required. 
Contact our team if you have a unique integration not listed below.
Provides real-time conflict data and analysis to inform crisis responses and policy decisions.
Offers intelligence and investigative solutions for law enforcement agencies and corporate security.
Delivers legal, regulatory, and business information and analytics to professionals worldwide.
Open-source relational database management system known for reliability, robustness, and extensibility.
Provides public safety software solutions for managing critical information and operations efficiently.
Distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine known for scalability and real-time data insights.
Offers advanced analytics and cybersecurity solutions to protect organizations from threats.
Relational database management system developed by Microsoft, known for scalability and performance.
Provides intelligence analysis and investigation software to enhance decision-making and operational effectiveness.
Develops public safety software solutions for law enforcement agencies and municipalities.
Delivers location data solutions to support government and commercial applications.
Provides technology to prevent and mitigate workplace misconduct and bullying through anonymous reporting.
Enables organizations to search, monitor, and analyze machine-generated big data via a web-style interface.
Open-source relational database management system known for its speed, reliability, and ease of use.
Offers multilingual text analytics and natural language processing solutions for extracting insights from unstructured data.
Enterprise-grade relational database management system with advanced data management capabilities.
Specializes in attribution intelligence and threat hunting to identify and combat cyber adversaries.
Provides business, legal, tax, and accounting solutions for professionals around the world.
Open-source automatic license plate recognition software for security and surveillance applications.
NoSQL database known for its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use in handling unstructured data.
Aerospace and defense company providing advanced technologies and services globally.
Real-time interactive map with news updates, providing situational awareness for global events.
Protects businesses from account takeover and data breaches by proactively monitoring for compromised credentials.
Offers facial recognition and biometric identification software for government and commercial applications.
Web archiving tool for researchers and investigators to capture and preserve online data for analysis.
Provides advanced search and data enrichment solutions to locate and analyze individuals and entities.