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Efficiently accessing data in real time is mission critical in everyday operations across militaries worldwide. Our team exceeded this requirement with a patent pending, no-code federated query that enabled the Special Operations Command to access an array of data on demand while feeding an intelligence platform with a collaborative environment.

Blue Fusion, our enterprise solution was deployed across four networks all while meeting the Authorization to Operate (ATO) standards. This enabled the Special Operations Command to develop actionable intelligence and make command decisions faster.

Join us in this session to view the Blue Fusion™ technology live while we discuss the challenges, requirements and partnerships leveraged that resulted in this project being a huge success.

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Intelligence-Led Human & Sex Trafficking Operations


Subject matter experts will discuss trends, helpful technologies and share a recent use case from the
fifth “Skull Games” that identified at least 20 human trafficking victims in just one weekend.

One of the biggest issues with human and sex trafficking investigations is the time consumption it takes to research and collect large amounts of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). Lives are at stake and time is a critical factor.


Blue Fusion, our no-code federated querying technology (patent pending) partnered with some of the industry’s leading intelligence platforms to address these challenges and create a more efficient workflow.

Our proprietary Blue Fusion technology is platform and data agnostic. This enables users to have complete flexibility, control, and use of preferred data analysis tools and integrations. In this session we showcase a live demonstration of the Blue Fusion environment that was leveraged by our very own veteran data analyst who participated in one of the fastest growing volunteer-based missions focused on the sex trafficking realm.


Addressing Challenges in Commercial Security & Investigative Units

Security and investigative units within commercial entities worldwide have at least one challenge in common: an abundance of data.

Internal, external, owned, subscribed to, security feeds, dark web… it’s all relevant yet very time-consuming to sift through all of this pertinent information. Until now. Our proprietary Blue Fusion technology connects users to their required data sources and enables a simultaneous query to be fed into your intelligence platform of choice.

By leveraging Blue Fusion the typical 80%+ efforts of researching and collecting data is drastically flipped giving users the most efficient workflow along with faster and more intelligible decision making abilities for their operation.

In this presentation we discuss two primary use cases:

  1. an investigation initiated by a cyber alert that leads
    to an internal threat, and
  2. physical security investigations stemming from supply chain discrepancies


An array of data feeds will be reviewed including but not limited to SEIM, facial recognition, satellite frequencies and various internal information.

Intelligence-Led Investigations in Law Enforcement and Corrections

The abundance of data available to law enforcement coupled with the time consumption of querying
and consolidating information often results in prolonged investigations leaving analysts, detectives and agents frustrated and often one step behind the bad guy.

Blue Fusion technology (patent-pending) arms analysts with the power and flexibility to simultaneously query various data sources drastically speeding up their workflow. The no-code interface connects users
directly to each data source, providing near, real time queries which allows operational decisions to be made faster.


This presentation will showcase the expediated workflow you can achieve when combining Blue Fusion with multiple data sources. We'll cover an array of use cases including narcotics, gang, financial and sex trafficking investigations.


Intelligence Supported Investigations within Financial Institutions

Financial institutions face a number of challenges today. In some instances they are targeted and must defend while protecting their clients. In others they are leveraged for a criminal organization’s financial gain. Both ends of the spectrum require thorough analysis that often lead to time consuming research and collection of data resulting in lengthy investigations. This inefficient workflow may often lead to a less than desirable outcome.

Join Blue Light and subject matter expert, Melissa Murphy, while we will discuss the top trends and challenges in financial industries. Learn how Blue Fusion addresses these challenges while providing better support for cyber threats, wire fraud, money laundering, and other financial related investigations.

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