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What it is, Why it matters & Use Cases

It enables faster decision making, especially in cases of low bandwidth. Given businesses’ increasing reliance on automated, data driven decision making, edge analytics is an area of significant investment by tech giants.

How do businesses democratize analytics with AI in 2022?

Augmented analytics will enable companies to run more efficient and effective analytics departments and internalize data-driven decision making and enable employees to become citizen data scientists.

Eight Trends Predicted To Define Data Analytics In 2022

The data analytics market is booming. According to IDC analysts, businesses were estimated to have spent a whopping $215 billion in 2021 on big data and business analytics solutions, which was a 10% increase over 2020.

Significance, Importance, and Use Cases

What if companies could skip the data centralization/integration stage and go straight to the analysis phase? This method is known as "edge analytics," and it allows businesses to achieve autonomous machine behavior, enhanced data security, and lower data transfer costs. 

Edge Analytics: What is it and what are its scope in IoT?

Using Edge Computing and analytics has evolved because of the need for fast response times and quick data analytics IoT networks impose. Instead, Edge Analytics in IoT optimizes the process by handling the bulk of analysis on-site, usually in the nearby connected network like switch or device.